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Successful  musicians understand that a lot of time and effort must be spent constantly improving their musical abilities. There is simply no substitute for talent and good chops, but are they enough in themselves to guarantee any amount of success in the music business? Of course not — they don’t call it “The Music Business” for nothing. Anyone considering a career in the live music business must learn that “Takin’ Care of Business” is much more than a ’70s rock anthem.

An Agent can either negotiate on your behalf with the venue or promoter for a fee and charge you a commission for arranging the booking or the agent will ‘buy’ the band for a fee, and then ‘sell’ the band on to a venue for a higher fee. The difference between the purchase and selling price is the agent’s profit. He/She may switch between the two methods depending on the type of show that the venue requires.  The standard commission fee is 15% of your GROSS earnings on each booking they provide and for each subsequent rebooking in the venue.

Its a totally different ball game for signed or popular artists who can command a fee, specify P.A. & Lighting requirments plus provide their own sound engineer.

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