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Alseny Diallo and Kikeyambay, an exciting musical project out of Victoria, BC, is born out of a collaboration between Diallo’s deep knowledge of Guinean modern and traditional music, and the passion of Victoria’s Dancing Moon Multicultural Arts Company director, Ilana Moon. Kikeyambay brings a dynamic, energetic traditional West African drum and dance show and a 12-piece Electric Afrofusion Orchestra.

A famed soloist and master djembe player from Guinea, Alseny Diallo has performed at internationally known djembefola Mamady Keita’s events and many other nationally sponsored festivals and competitions in his country. He has a gift for teaching and sharing the rhythms of his culture and is considered one of the best djembé players in Canada. He has performed at various festivals and theatre shows with 5 Juno award-winner Alpha YaYa Diallo and Naby Camara, as well as Yamoussa Bangara, artistic director of the celebrated acrobatic drum and dance troupe Kalabanté.

Teaching the complexities of the rhythms and culture of Guinea to a set of talented, skillful Victoria musicians from as varied backgrounds as reggae, jazz, Zimbabwean, gospel, soul, bellydance, and circus arts, has created a lively, dynamic electric orchestra with a unique and upbeat authentically Afro-Canadian vibe.

Partnered with dancers from the Dancing Moon Multicultural Arts Company, under the instruction of Ilana Moon, the group also explores traditional drum and dance rhythms, honoring the ancestral cultural traditions of the Malinké and Susu people. Alseny Diallo and Kikeyambay offer a chance to dance, be joyful and revel in the African way of music as a vital and fundamental part of everyday life.


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