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Let us begin with a short introduction of the tribulation of the foundator of PRFP (Production Radio Franco Pacifique) Jean Pierre Fournier.

During its long journey in the Canadian Forces, he travels across the  oceans for nineteen years, he immerses  himself in different cultures and in Jamaica discovers the raggee of Bob Marley. Music  becomes a passion for him…

In 1995 he leaves the Navy to complete a certificate in business administration and decides to persue his vocation: to promote world music and francophone artists using his travel, people and business experiences.

In 1998 after reading in Montreal newspaper “La Presse” an article explaining that TV network TVA  had recently formed a partnership with the alliance of community radios of Canada to facilitate the start up of community radios in Francophone minority centers; Jean Pierre acts quickly upon this valuable information.

The same year Jean Pierre initiates the project for a French community radio in Victoria and recuits: Lise Miliard, author & composer Rejan Bussiere, Franco Manitobian Gilbert Verrier from BC ministry of education. 

A year later  they win the trophy of  ” l’Arc” (Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada)  for best new  radio project, currently the radio has been on the air for two years under the name CILS.FM, part of  Radio Francophone d’ Amerique network and ARC it is broadcasted at the Francophone society of Victoria.  It is important to stress that without Jean Pierre initiative the radio would not be and also due to some buraucratic politics he was  dismissed once the project was off the ground. 

In 1997  in Victoria was born PRFP and at the microphone, dynamic Jean Pierre Fournier begins to host ” l’heure Francophone” at CFUV. FM until 2005, high listening rate, an instant success and also a first for Victoria.

Encouraged by his success, he brings several singers, song writers and musicians together to play  concerts in Victoria; the last one featuring Richard Aloysius & Susu Calor, in second part Djamal Karimba & Blue Marocco, full house at Spectrum theatre.

Jean Pierre mission is to promote world music and give exposure to all the talented musicians in British Columbia with an emphasis on Francophone artists.

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